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Customs Paperwork


Our team are experts in handling all export, import and licencing matters. All clearances are handled "in-house" to allow for an expedited service without the possibility of errors with using third parties.

  • Direct Link to the UK CDS (Customs Declaration Service) for both Exports & Imports

  • Direct Link to the UK Customs Clearance System (CHIEF) (this is being phased out, with only exports now live until 30th November 2023)

  • Export Licence Application Assistance (Firearms / Military Items / Dual Use Goods)

  • Cultural Export Licence Application Assistance (Antiques, Collectors Items etc.)

PDQ Freight have fully trained staff able to complete customs import and export entries directly on the new CDS (Customs Declaration Service) which became mandatory on 30th September 2022 for Imports and will become mandatory for Exports from 30th November 2023.

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