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We have been handling the export, import & domestic requirements for a large proportion of the UK gun trade for many years.

We are Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD) and hold a Home Office Section 5 Approval.

Our staff are fully trained to handle the shipping & freight forwarding of all types of firearms. PDQ Freight is a Full IATA Member with at least 2 staff members trained & certified to handle and document dangerous goods, allowing us to carry out freight movements internationally

PDQ Freight have been a very long standing member of the GTA (Gun Trade Association). Providing members with guidance and logistics solutions for over 20 Years.

Some of our firearms services include:​


  • Full Import & Export Service

  • Assistance with Licencing

  • Shipping Documentation Guidance

  • Full Export & Import Customs Clearance & Services

  • Packing, Boxing & Crating

  • Firearm Shipping Worldwide (Section 1 & 2)

  • Section 5 Firearm & Military Weapon Shipping Worldwide

  • Antique Gun Shipping Worldwide

  • Shipping Worldwide for Swords & Similar Arms/Armour

  • Ammunition Shipping Worldwide

  • Customs Bonded Warehouse Storage

  • Domestic Transport of Section 1, 2 & 5 Firearms (Antique & Modern) and Ammunition

  • Domestic Transport of Swords or Similar Arms & Armour

  • Assisting with Shipping of Guns when moving to another country (relocation)

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